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Australia Bridging Visa D (Subclass 040 &041)

A Bridging visa D (BVD) (Subclass 040&041) is a temporary visa that allows the applicant to stay in Australia for a short period (will become unlawful within in 3 working days) until they are able to make a substantive visa application or for an unlawful non-citizen unable or not intending to apply for a substantive application and an authorised officer is not available to interview the applicant for the purposes of considering their eligibility for a Bridging visa E.


There are two types of BVDs:

  • Bridging (Prospective Applicant) visa (subclass 040); and
  • Bridging (Non-applicant) visa (subclass 041).

Cancellation of Bridging Visa D

If the application for a bridging visa is refused or cancelled, the applicant will be given written reasons and information on his/her review rights.

bridging visa d

Use Form 929

Form 929: Change of address and/or passport details – if you have a new passoprt or move to a new address

bridging visa a work right

Use Form 1022

Form 1022: Notification of changes in circumstances – if there are other changes in your circumstances.

Provide Correct Information

The applicant must provide correct information to the department, in writing, at any time. If the applicant wants to correct information he/she use Form 1023 Notification of incorrect answer(s). The department could ask the applicant for further information. If the application is refused, the department will give the applicant the opportunity to comment on information and the applicant may be request for an interview.

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