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Skilled Independent Visa - Skilled Visa Australia (189 Visa)

The applicant who apply for a skilled Independent Visa does not need any sponsorship assistance this is because they hold skills which are identified as required by the labour force.  The applicants for this 189 visa have a skill on the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (the MLTSSL).

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The Skilled Independent Visa (189 Visa) is an independent and a permanent residence visa for the applicants who have skills indentified as needed in Australia’s Labour Market.

Who Can Apply for the 189 Visa?

This visa is designed for the applicants who have skills and can meet the points test. The applicant who has higher points can receive an invitation from the department.

An applicant must:

  • be under 45 years old;
  • have skills, already assessed and the occupation be on the MLTSSL;
  • have competent English; and
  • meet gazetted points test (currently 65 points); & has achieved points score not less than the score stated in the invitation.
189 visa
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Skilled Independent Visa Process

  1. Expression of Inerest (EOI) Preparation
  2. Lodgement of EOI
  3. Invitation to apply for Skilled Independent Visa (189 Visa)
  4. Submit an application for 189 Visa
  5. Visa Decision: Grant or Refusal

EOI Preparation

Here is the processes of EOI preparation:


  1. You must ensure your occupation is on the MLTSSL, or Combined MLTSSL & STSOL.
  2. You must:
    • meet the threshold requirements (age, English score, skill etc)
    • be able to accumulate minimum gazetted points test, currently 65
  1. You must show your English language competency.
  2. You have skills assessed by relevant assessing authority.
  3. When you ready and meet all the requirements, you lodge EOI (currently 65 points).

Lodgement of EOI

There is NO FEE for this and the applicant can be onshore or offshore.


  • There is No FEE for EOI lodgement.
  • The applicants can be onshore or offshore at time of lodgement.
  • The onshore applicants must remember that  thet do not obtain a Bridging Visa because this is not a visa application.
  • EOI remains only  for 2 years or until visa is granted.
  • The applicants are ranked by points and date and time of lodgement.

Invitation to Apply for Visa

The departmental website will reveal the size and allocation of the different skills within the 189 allocation.


  • The applicant who has the highest points receive an invitation
  • EOI claims are frozen at time of an invitation
  • Invitees have 60 days to lodge an application
  • A maximum of only 2 invitations may be sent
  • If the second invitation is not accepted, EOIs will be removed
  • EOI will remain for only 2 years and more

Application for 189 Visa

When an invitation is received, the applicant has 60 days to accept the invitation and the application must be lodged within this timeframe.


  • All Schedules 1 and 2 requirements must be met; and
  • All supporting documents should be lodged in support of the application.

Visa Decision

If the application is approved:


  • Department will send the applicant the approval letter with:
    • visa grant number;
    • visa conditions (including a specified initial entry date); and
    • details of the next steps that the applicant must do.


If the application is refused:


  • Department will send the applicant the refusal letter stating:
    • why visa was not approved;
    • review rights (if any); and
    • time frame for lodging an appeal (if applicable).

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